General Profile
Hunting Federation of Macedonia and Thrace is a non profit and non-governmental organization that is representing 63 Hunting Associations of North Greece, with more than 45.000 hunters.

It was created in the decade of 1970, with the other Hunting Federations of Greece, and it is institutionally collaborates with the Greek Ministry of Environment and the Forest Service. In Greece more than 260 Hunting Associations exist with more than 200.000 members. They have a 3-level structure, in first (250 local association), second (7 Federations) and third (1 Confederation) degree, that is unique for any stakeholder group of natural resources. Except of serving the needs of their members, hunting associations are undertaking a lot of initiatives for the conservation of natural environment, mainly for the protection of wildlife species and their habitats.

The main objective of the Federation is the protection and sustainable management of natural resources, mainly game resources. For this reason spends, in annual basis, more than 50% of its money for habitat improvement and wild fauna protection.

There is a 7membered Headquarter Board that decides the policy and the means of implementation. Also there are more than 70 persons (foresters, game-biologists, secretaries, game warden) that work permanently in the Federation. Also there is good enough infrastructure, with offices, PCs, more than 70 cars (jeep 4X4) and communication network with all hunting Associations.

Hunting Federation of Macedonia & Thrace is a member of EUROSITE and member of WFSA.

The operational work is divided in 4 sectors:
• General  Administration
• Scientific Documentation
• Communication Office
• Game Warden Office

Main activities of the Hunting Federation of Macedonia and Thrace are briefly the following:
• Establishment of the Body of Game Warden
• Financial Support to hunting Associations
• Proposals for sustainable management
• Implementation of biotope improvement projects
• Game species management techniques
• Game species releases
• Rearing of Game species
• Game species monitoring
• Wildlife monitoring
• Forest protection
• Collaboration with Local Authority Bodies, Local unions, stakeholders
• Collaboration with Public services, NGOs, Institutes, Universities
• Information of hunters
• Public awareness about the importance of biodiversity
• Environmental Education projects
• Planning of training projects
• Participation in local and regional events, seminars, congresses, meetings
• Proposals about regional and national wildlife conservation policy
• Financial support of several NGOs
• Environmental job opportunities
• Voluntary participation in resolving environmental problems
• Humanitarian aid in social minorities, etc

It must be mentioned that there is no financial support for any of these actions, and everything is covered up to now with the money of the Greek hunters

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